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Mary Sims Letter to Rep. Kinsey

Letter from KIIDS Selinsgrove Representative Trudy Sheetz to Health Committee Members

Letter to Representative Stephen Kinsey

September 12, 2017

Honorable Stephen Kinsey

317 Irvis Office Bldg – Box 202201

Harrisburg PA 17120-2201


This letter is written in coordination of the effort of the group, Keeping Individuals With Disabilities Safe (KIIDS) . I am writing on behalf of many family and friends of the residents of Polk Center. As you know these unfortunate individuals have no voice in any decisions concerning their welfare or living arrangements. Most of them, like my dear brother, Robert Nichol, have called this facility home for many years.

Robert Nichol has lived within this community for the last 38 years. It is his home. This is his normal. He is profoundly mentally handicapped, legally blind and has multiple medical disorders, including Tuberous Sclerosis, Seizure Disorder, and Insulin-Dependent Diabetes. He needs medical monitoring and constant supervision. He receives excellent care for all of these conditions by the medical staff at Polk Center. The entire staff at Polk Center has become family. They have treated him with respect, kindness and tenderness. These professionals have created an environment of safety and well-being for him and individuals like him. We are comforted to know that the quality of care given by the professional staff at Polk Center remains a constant in his life. There is little joy for him, and disrupting his home would be devastating.

After the passing of our parents, we as a family took responsibility for our brother, Robert Nichol. We attend meetings and provide input for the planning of his care. We also visit and have regular family outings and holidays, even though many of us live out-of-state.

We thank you for your consideration.

Please vote NO on House Bill 1650

Laurie Parker (Sister of Robert Nichol)

5806 Eleanor Rigby Rd

Charlotte NC 28278


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